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Partner:  Electronic Compass

Electronic Compass member of the Family Mediation consortium implements the project in Greece with the support from the European Commission. The Electronic Compass conducted FREE seminars in schools of Athens during the school year 2013 - 2014 with main aim to provide counseling to parents of teens. 

In these seminars parents had the opportunity to be informed on issues related to teenagers, by the Electronic Compass team which is consisted by experienced psychologists and social workers in adolescents.



Seminar at the University of Athens addressed to Educators

In March of 2014 Electronic Compass conducted with great success the seminar addressed to Teachers: “Teachers and Teenagers - To involve parents in school’ which consists part of the Family Mediation Project. 

The seminar was organized in collaboration with the youth organization ‘D.A.P.’ at the University of Athens and was attended by experienced teachers in secondary education, young teachers and graduates of pedagogical faculties of Athens. 






Partner: Kairos Europe

Kairos Europe has delivered a series of seminars between 2nd May and 28th May, 1 seminar per week, to a group of Muslim women mainly coming from Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. The group is called Jannaty Group, it is made up of 7 women and is based in Finsbury park (North East London). The seminars presented were: Do we, parents, rule at Home; Between Family and School, Parents of Teens, and Transition to a new school.  The feedback was really positive from all participants.




Seminars for teachers/trainers

Between  January and May, Kairos Europe organised 3 small seminar  for teachers and trainers in London. Taking part at the seminars were teachers from different private and public schools, teaching staff of training organisations, and private tutors.