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Outcomes of the Project

Tangible results

  • Family mediation summary report highlighting the successful application of developed methodologies: a planned, structured, consistent and continuous intervention which will allow family empowerment as well as to help to reduce academic failure and dropout of students between 13 and 15 years old. 
  • Creation of a school that integrates activities directed to parents

Intangible results

  • Creation of an intercultural family mediation model;
  • Changing of the parental behaviour especially in what concerns the support to scholar career.

Characteristics of the consortium:

The consortium has experience in the scope of theme of the project and also in international projects. Each partner has their approached rooted in the territory where it is located.


4800 families, 4800 students; 32 in-company vocational trainers; 96 trainers; 1600 teachers and 48 schools.


Intercultural Model

Family Mediation Project has completed its period and according to the cooperation of the project consortium the Intercultural Model is released and available for further study. The model is the final outcome of this cooperation between Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Romania.

The scientists of this project analyzed in detail the strategies on improving children’s and families behavior in order to avoid early drop out of school. For downloading the material please click here.